Woo hoo! Our blog is finally here (It’s only taken us 11 months to write our first post!!!). But thank you for checking it out. And as it’s our first blog we thought we’d tell you what the heck The Milky Tee Company is all about (and unfortunately it’s nothing to do with a cuppa although please feel free to grab one and settle down for a little read!)


Firstly, hello, I’m Lauren, the founder of The Milky Tee company. I’ve got two little girls, Sophia and Sienna and am married to my hubby Andrew. I’ve never actually written a blog so apologies if I waffle on a bit (I’m originally from Northern Ireland so I like to talk!). Anyway back in January 2016 I gave birth to my second daughter Sienna and struggled to find any trendy and comfortable clothes I could breastfeed in. With my eldest daughter I had often used a breastfeeding apron (which did make me feel like I was wearing a tent but it did the job) but my youngest hated being covered and used to just push the breastfeeding apron away. She was also a snack feeder and liked to feed - ALOT! So I needed clothes which has easy boob access so I could feed anytime, anywhere but I also wanted to be able to feel like my pre-baby self and dress how I used to. I’m a T-shirt and jeans kinda girl and I just wanted to be able to wear a T-shirt I could feed in. So when I couldn’t find one I decided to design my own.


In February 2016, when my daughter was two weeks old, I ordered a T-shirt pattern off the internet and with the help of my mum-in-law and her sewing machine, we added zips at the side and the Milky Tee was born. So basically the Milky tee is a T-shirt with zips on either side (which come from just beside the armpit) and the zip is hidden to look like a seam so that it looks like a normal T-shirt and can be worn even after you finish breastfeeding.

It then took two years to perfect the design, decide on a name, protect the design and get the trademark. To be honest I was a complete sleep deprived mess during those two years so things probably took longer than they should have - some days it was an achievement just to get out of bed and have a shower!


Despite the sleep deprivation and many ‘baby brain’ days (I can still use that excuse after two years, right?), The Milky Tee Company website finally launched in February 2018. The response I’ve had since then has been so overwhelming and it still amazes me that mums throughout the world are now wearing a T-shirt which I designed with a very basic design sketch (drawn on a back of a notepad!) and my mum-in-laws sewing machine.

I now work on the business full time and I also work with an amazing Production Manager, who is also a mum, and we hope to grow a lot more in the next year with a bigger team and also a greater range of breastfeeding clothes.

It’s been a crazy year with many highs, including winning the Paypal International award and having lunch with Sir Richard Branson! But ,although it sounds corny, the best part has genuinely been hearing from so many mums who say our tops have helped them to feed more easily and more confidently, which to me makes all the hard work and sleepless nights worth it!


Well that’s pretty much our Milky Tee story! I hope you liked our first post and if you’re reading this then thank you for reading the whole way through! We will be updating our Milky Tee blog regularly and, as well as myself, some of our posts will be written by lovely mum blogger, and the face of our brand, Holly, so look out for her blogs too. We’ll be chatting about a range of topics from breastfeeding advice, real-life parenting stories and lots of style and fashion tips! We’ll hopefully also have a few guest bloggers as it’s always nice to hear different perspectives from a range of mums (if you’d like to be a guest blogger on our site please email us at info@milkyteecompany.com).

Right I’ve definitely waffled on enough now but I’ve really enjoyed writing our fist blog and look forward to doing it more and connecting with lots of you guys!


Lauren x

January 09, 2019 — kobault


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