The Milky Tee® company was founded by a mum-of-two who struggled to find practical, comfortable and stylish clothes to breastfeed in – so she decided to design her own!

With the help of her mum-in-law, who’s a midwife, she created The Milky Tee® – a T-shirt with hidden zips at each side to allow easy access for breastfeeding or expressing. Initially it was just for her to use herself to breastfeed her second daughter Sienna, but Lauren soon realised that lots of other mums could benefit from the design too – and so The Milky Tee Company was born!

Our ethos is to be an honest and friendly company, providing stylish, high-quality clothes which allow women to breastfeed easily, anytime, anywhere!

All our T-shirts are made with 100% combed cotton which is OEKO-TEX® certified, meaning it has been tested to ensure it does not contain any harmful or irritating substances and is therefore safe for even sensitive skin.

Founder, Lauren Hampshire: “Both of my children were what I would describe as grazers as they liked to feed little and often – very, very often!!! I sometimes felt like a human milking machine who was constantly feeding (and when I wasn’t feeding I was leaking milk!). I really struggled to find clothes I could wear while I was breastfeeding which weren’t either a faff to use, having to lift up or pull down different layers, or which looked quite frumpy and ‘mumsy’. So on the 16th February 2016, when my youngest daughter was two weeks old, I ordered my first T-shirt pattern, and with the help of my mum-in-law, who is a dab hand with a sewing machine, we created the first Milky Tee prototype.

Over the next year I worked on the design, trying the zips in different locations, extending the length and adding turned up sleeves.I wanted to make sure that our Milky Tees looked like a normal T-shirt and could be worn even after you’ve finished breastfeeding. I then set about finding the right material, settling on 100% combed cotton, which is soft and breathable. And finally I decided to add something a little extra to the front, so designed some slogans which relate to parenthood.

It has taken a couple of years to go from an idea to actually launching The Milky Tee Company website but I truly believe the hard work was worth it and I truly believe in this product. I hope it will help lots of breastfeeding mums out there and I hope you love our Milky Tees as much as we loved creating them!"