Welcome lovely Mumma’s to our cozy corner of Easter inspiration! As spring blooms and the sweet scent of chocolate eggs fills the air, it's time to get creative with some adorable Easter crafts and presents perfect for your little bunnies. Whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just looking for some simple, fun activities to enjoy with your tiny tots, we've got you covered. From handprint animals, to footprint bunny eggstravaganzas, join us as we hop into the world of Easter crafts and gift ideas tailored specifically for babies and toddlers. 

Easter craft ideas

These gorgeous craft ideas are perfect for babies and toddlers and make lovely keepsakes or Easter cards/ gifts for family!

Hand print animals 


Footprint bunny

Cookie Cutters for Baking 


Check out this recipe for baby weaning and toddler biscuits!

Easter present ideas

When looking for the perfect Easter gift for your little one, there is so much on offer other just the traditional Easter egg!

Cute Easter Outfits

This beautiful outfit is perfect for babies who are too young for chocolate and will look completely adorable!



If your little one is at an age that you are happy to give them chocolate, this gorgeous chocolate chick is a great idea.  



This eggs in a box toy is always loved by little ones, it is great for learning shapes and colours, or just for exploring the sounds they make. They are suitable from 6 months. 


Whatever you decide to give your little one this Easter, remember mini eggs are a choking hazard and not advised until after 5 years old.

We hope you've found inspiration and joy in these simple yet delightful projects for your little ones. Whether it's creating memories with handprint bunnies or delighting in the excitement of an egg hunt, the magic of Easter shines brightest in these moments shared with our babies and toddlers.Wishing you and your family a hoppy Easter filled with love, laughter, and plenty of crafty adventures! Happy Easter, everyone!

Lauren Hampshire