So the festive season is over, but does that doesn’t always mean the parties or special occasions slow down. Winter weddings, dinner parties, christenings are a perfect excuse to get your glad rags on and celebrate with family and friends over a few proseccos (or mocktails!). How can I be glamorous whilst breastfeeding? I hear you ask. The two words don't often go hand-in-hand.

Baby sick, leaky boobs, un-washed hair for the 5th day running. Still wearing the same old maternity outfits that you've worn for the past 9/10 months. Just call me your very own fairy god mother about to wave her magic “milky tee” wand, to make all your styling dreams come true, with a twist of practicality of course.

Drinks with the girls

Just because you’ve had a baby does not mean you can’t go out with your friends and have a cocktail or two. I remember when Arthur was just a month old, my two best girlfriends and I went for dinner and drinks to a local pub. Nothing fancy, but I WANTED to feel FANCY. I was still very much breastfeeding Arthur, every two hours still. But I was lucky to be able to express enough for Arthur to take the bottle.

However, this still meant whisking myself off to the ladies to pump. Make life easy for yourself without sacrificing your style. Pair the gorgeous, cherry red top which has hidden zips for easy feeding/pumping with these subtle, sparkle stripe, jeans from Zara. Finishing off the look with these stunning red heels, which are also from Zara, really brings the outfit together.

2019 is the year the 80’s makes come back, that means more neon, more patterns and more sequins. So if you’re all for re-living the 80’s or you just adore all things sparkle, how about adding a sequin blazer over the top. They’re everywhere this season, you can find them in most online shops like ASOS, Misguided and PLT.

Winter Wedding

So your cousin Lucy is tying the knot… In February! It’s going to be freezing! Don’t let the cold weather stop you from looking good and being able to feed your baby. No more layers. See this as a perfect opportunity to get dressed up and feel more yourself again.

I’ve paired this sleek black Milky Tee top with this sassy pleated midi skirt from M&S. It's got great subtle glittery tones to it that the pleats accentuate beautifully when you move. Adding some extra sparkle to the outfit with some jewellery really finishes it off.

Ready to impress

So you've been off work for a while, or, you've just gone back to work after enjoying the BEST but most exhausting days with your little one.

That invite for a cheeky night out with your colleague’s pops into your inbox. Your post-mum self screams with excitement. A night out! A few hours off from the bedtime routine. Suddenly, the mother nature of mum-life hits you. "I'm still breastfeeding. I don't want to spend hours in the toilet pumping and fiddling around with a dress that I can barely get myself in and out of. But if I don't pump my breasts, that have now turned into giant water balloons, will burst!

Do not worry! I've made it easy for you. Be ready to impress with a bit of sparkle and pair the gorgeous, yet practical, grey milky tee top with this silver sequin skirt from ASOS. Create a simple up-do hairstyle, add some dazzling earrings and your favourite comfy heels and Voilà! Just like that, you are ready to fill up your glass and dance the night away

Dinner party ready

And if you're thinking, what on earth am I going to wear to my sisters dinner party this month but still be able to easily feed my baby?

Worry not, I’ve got the perfect outfit for you. This cherry red long-sleeved top fits perfectly with this animal print skirt from New Look. Adding a splash of the animal print trend this season can really make you feel a little bit more… well, like you (you know, the sassy you that is still there - underneath the baby sick and eye bags!)

If you’re over dry January and fancy a few drinks with the girls to give yourself a break from “mum mode” then this outfit would look perfectly. Paired with a teddy coat and some ankle boots to keep you warm whilst you wait for the taxi of course.

I hope you like all these looks and enjoy your nights out!

Much Love

Holly x