Hey, lovely mamas and soon-to-be-mamas! Welcome to the ultimate guide on "The Best Breastfeeding Clothes" because let's face it – who says comfort and style can't go hand in hand? We are going to look at the breastfeeding clothes that you need in your breastfeeding journey to keep you comfortable, stylish and able to feed your baby easily. 


Button down nighties are a great option to be able to easily breastfeed at night! This Primark nightie is an affordable and practical way to keep comfy and warm at night whilst feeding your little one.


Primark Nightie

Nursing Bra

There are lots of nursing bras on the market so that you can easily and comfortably feed your baby/ Bravado nursing bras are wire free, soft and comfortable! It is recommended to have a wire free bra in the early weeks to help prevent blocks ducts and mastitis. 


Black Bravado Nursing Bra


Breastfeeding tops 

Gone are the days when the only option breastfeeding mums had was to wear layers or pull their tops up or down. Luckily there's now a range of tops made specifically for breastfeeding. Milky Tees were created to help mums be able to wear ‘normal’ clothes while also having easy breastfeeding access. They have hidden zips on each side, which allow for easy and discreet nursing. These 100% organic cotton t-shirts are stylish, comfortable and breathable - and best of all, as they are designed to look like a standard T-shirt, they can be worn long after you finish breastfeeding.

White Milky Tee Breastfeeding top

Vest tops

Vest tops are a staple in your wardrobe when you are breastfeeding! These ones from New Look are nursing friendly as they have clips for easy access to feeding. You can also use the popular hack of wearing two vest tops, pull one up and the other one down so that you can feed discreetly and without getting a cold stomach! 

Skin to skin tops

This top is perfect getting in those gorgeous skin to skin cuddles with your baby!



Breastfeeding sweatshirts

In the colder winter months you may not want to have to take off layers or expose yourself too much. The good news is you can now stay cosy while you breastfeed with specially designed nursing sweatshirts. As with the Milky Tee T-shirts, these have hidden zips on each side so you can just pull the zip down to feed without having to remove any clothing. They also have a brushed fleece interior for extra cosiness!


Breastfeeding cover

If you prefer to feed with a cover in public this one is a great option! Covers are easy to fold away in your change back, light and give you some privacy if you want it. 


Well, fabulous friends, we've spilled the secrets on the comfiest and trendiest breastfeeding clothes out there. Treat yourself to some lovely clothes that make you look and feel great, as well as making your breastfeeding journey that little bit easier! 

Lauren Hampshire