Hey there, fabulous mums and soon-to-be-mums! Welcome to our cozy corner of the internet, where we're about to spill the beans on the ultimate breastfeeding companions – it's all about "The Top Products You Need for Your Breastfeeding Journey!" So, grab a cup of your favorite brew, kick back, and let's chat about the essentials that will make your breastfeeding adventure a breeze. From gadgets to comfort must-haves, we've got your back!

Feeding pillow

Milk collection cups

Leaking breast milk is very common when you are breastfeeding! Ever heard your baby cry and milk instantly starts to flow? You can use disposable or reusable breast pads in your nursing bra to help with this. However, if you don't want to waste a drop of your precious milk, these milk collectors are for you! They will collect any leaking milk between feeds when you are feeling full or your baby cries!

Baby changing bag

Changing bags are an absolute essential when you have a baby. Gone are the days of leaving your house with just your phone, purse and keys! You will need something comfy and spacious to carry nappies, wipes, spare outfits, bottles, dummies...and the list goes on!


Electric Pump

If you choose to pump, electric pumps are easy and efficient to extract the milk. The Elvie pumps have great reviews! 

Manual Pump

Manual breast pumps are cheaper than electric pumps so are a great choice if you are pumping less frequently. 


Suction Pump

The Haakaa pump attaches to the other breast when you are breastfeeding your little one and catches the let down. It doesn't extract the milk so you will not collect as much as you would with an electric/ manual pump. However it requires little to no effort so is a great way of collecting milk if only need a bottle a day. 


Water Bottle with a Straw

Breastfeeding can make you feel really thirsty so it can be handy to have a water bottle next to you, preferably with a straw so it is easier to drink while feeding and isn’t going to spill!



Alright, lovely mamas, it's time to wrap up our chat about the top products for your breastfeeding journey! We hope you've discovered a few gems that got you nodding in agreement or maybe even gave you a lightbulb moment. Remember, this journey is all about you and your bundle of joy, and these products are here to be your trusty sidekicks.

As you dive into the beautiful chaos of late-night feedings and heart-melting snuggles, may these top-notch goodies make your life a tad bit easier and a whole lot more enjoyable. Here's to the messy buns, the milk-stained shirts, and all the incredible moments that come with the territory. Wishing you a fantastic and stress-free breastfeeding journey – you've got this, superstar!

Lauren Hampshire